Tai Chi in Russel Family Park

“Tai Chi is the art of conscious movement. It is a gentle yet powerful way of awakening our health and awareness that just about anyone can take part in,” said instructor Rod Harrison.
“The benefits of practicing Tai Chi include a definite restoration of health and an increasing sense of physical well-being. Our participants all enjoy a gradual loosening and aligning of their joints and spine bringing flexibility, correct posture and natural movement that many of them had given up on.
“Tai Chi helps with balance, stability and resilience in the daily challenges of day to day life. The slow and graceful movements with smooth transitions between them is particularly good for strengthening concentration and also posture, with people of all age groups and abilities being able to benefit. The form we teach is referred to as the ‘Beijing 24 form’, the most popular type still being practised in China today.
“A normal class will begin with warm-up movements followed by individual Tai Chi movements and then working on Tai Chi from which is linking all the movements together into one continual motion.”
Classes are now being held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 6am in Russell Family Park, sponsored by the Maroochy Shire Council and the Qld Department of Sport & Recreation, are only $1 per session. No experience is necessary, just wear some loose, comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes. Why not encourage a friend to come along too!
For more information phone Rod on 5441 1908 or Maroochy Shire Council on 5475 8501.

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