Art & Pottery return to the Pottery Centre

Montville’s history is rich in the arts and many local and tourists still recall the days of the old ‘Montville Pottery’.
 The original pottery, which was demolished about 8 years ago, was built and operated by Dave and Bimbi Everette and in its prime the pottery employed four full time potters, a glaze technician, two full time decorators and a sales person.
Over a period of some 30 years or so Montville Pottery produced some of the most sought after hand made pottery in Queensland and has supplied many outlets throughout Australia. 
The passing years saw Montville pottery change hands numerous times with the original building being demolished in 1998 to make way for the new complex which developers called ‘The Pottery Building’.  It now houses a variety of shops selling all manner of wares from books to candy.
The good news is that there is a move to reintroduce back into the centre an Art Gallery with a small operating ‘boutique’ pottery which will result in the opportunity to see the creation of pieces, including wheel throwing demonstrations in progress.
Pottery and painted art will be combined with work on display by local painters Patty Heymans, Marianne Reardon and Yvonne Bulcher as well as pottery by Ray Outteridge - one of the original Montville Potters.
These artists will be exhibiting a varied range of work from watercolour, acrylics and oils, while Ray will be exhibiting his handmade signature pottery, renowned for its precious gold and silver lusters.
Artist,Patricia Heymans has lived in the Montville Region for for over 24 years and finds inspiration in both the hinterland mountain areas and the coastal areas of the Sunshine Coast.  
“I paint mostly in watercolour with some acrylic,” she said.
“The inspiration for my paintings comes from nature - landscapes, flowers and all the wonderful things that surround me in my life here on the Sunshine Coast.
“As a group of artists we are excited to be opening the new gallery and look forward to working on site and bringing back to the Pottery Centre an experience of the energy and passion involved in the creation of art as well as the finished product.”
The new gallery ‘Montville Art’ will open in the first week of October, upstairs at Shop 8, The Pottery Centre, opposite the Information Centre in Main Street, Montville.

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