Our Grand Lady of Yoga

She is the Hinterland's ‘Grand Lady of Yoga’ and at 92 years of age her classes are full, with some students having been regular attendees for over a decade.
“I was born in Germany, the day the first World War started, two months premature.
I was a small and rather unwell child, said Elsa.
“There is a German expression my family would say - ‘I jumped out of the grave diggers shovel,’ and I guess I am still doing it!
“I began yoga, or floor Gymnastics as it was referred to back then, when I was nine and was fortunate to have the most wonderful teacher. There were many terrible years in my youth and she would say take a deep breath, then slowly breath out and say - ‘this too will pass’.
“These words of wisdom have been with me through my life - and, that too will pass, but yoga has always been with me. My health was such that when other children were eating treats I would be told to get myself a carrot, and so my health regime started when I was very young. Today the garden is my kitchen. I wander through it like a cow, grazing on all the things that are now growing there.
“My husband and I spent 18 years in Sydney before visiting Montville 35 years ago and falling in love with the area. We bought this block of land that same day, and although it was difficult leaving my Sydney students behind, it was only two weeks before two Buderim ladies tracked me down and asked me to start take a yoga class there. That class still runs today. I have taught hundreds, probably thousands of classes from here to Noosa over the years.  
The classes now are by donation and, in turn I donate the money to a local riding school for disabled children which I was fortunate enough to visit about 6 years ago. I go to see them now once a month. There is so much that is still special in my life here on the hinterland - it is still such a wonderful place.

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