Avoiding the latest fashion pitfalls

So what does a woman do when the latest cat walk fashions leave you speechless and the new seasons fashion palate has you feeling grateful that your husband is colour blind ...
 It seems many women in this situation have headed for the hills - to Montville and Johanna’s Boutique.
“We are one of the few made to measure specialists,” said Johanna. “So many women these days are frustrated by off the rack clothing that doesn’t fit and hem lines, neck lines and shapes that just don’t suit their figures.”
“Current fashions will never suit everyone. I believe it is far better
to look ‘good’ rather than fashionable.
“Most women learn to identify styles, colours and shapes that suit them. Rather than wait for it to come into fashion we can create it for you using the fabrics and colours of your choice.
“Many of my customers are regulars now and I often work by sending fabric swatches in the post. I get to know their favourite colours, neck lines that suit them and the types of fabrics they like. Many outfits are for special occasions. Our customers can be confident they will find something that is the colour, size and style they were after - because we make it that way - no leaving it to chance.
“We also can re-create a favourite garment in another colour, design a top or bottom to match an existing piece - even work from a photograph. We then can co-ordinate shoes, jewellery, hats and bags to complete the entire outfit if required.”
Johanna’s Boutique in Montville is an experience from the moment you enter. With the different areas of the shop completely colour
co-ordinated, you can head for blues or the greens, lose yourself in the pinks or move on to the mauves. Find your colour and browse through dresses, blouses, pants, jewellery, hats and bags all to match. It is so clever you can’t help but wonder why they don’t organise all boutiques like this!

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